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47th Annual Meeting of the Brazilian Biophysical Society_edited.jpg

Oct 20th - Friday

Condensates and fibrils

08h30 - 10h30  

Auditorium 3 - NMR-based metabolomics from cells to clinics

Chair: Eneida de Paula 

Metabolomic insights into the metabolic interplay in the tumor microenvironment

Iola Duarte Universidade de Aveiro, Portugal

Metabolomics by NMR studies of diseases of difficult diagnosis and prognosis: Perspectives for clinical application

Ljubica Tasic IQ/UNICAMP

Searching for metabolic profiles of saliva in health and disease states using NMR 

Ana Paula Valente Federal University of Rio de Janeiro

Red Blood Cells’ Metabolome Evaluation In Blood Bank Conditions

Thelma A. Pertinhez Universidade de Parma

Auditorium 1 - Cell Physiology

Chair: José Henrique Leal Cardoso 

Diabetes mellitus differently affects electrical membrane properties of neurons of peripheral ganglia of rats

José H. Leal Cardoso Universidade Estadual do Ceará 

Using principal components analysis to debug electrophysiological data

Ricardo Xavier Leão USP de Ribeirão Preto

Effects of monoterpenoid 1,8-cineole on excitability and ion channels

Francisco Walber Univ. Estadual Vale do Acaraú

Lethality of skeletal myocytes exposed to high-intensity electric fields: comparison with cardiomyocytes

Ahmad Almazloum UNICAMP


11h - 12h Auditorium 3 

Plenary 2  Protein phase transitions in health and disease Tuomas Knowles Cambridge UK

13h30 - 15h30

Auditorium 3 - Condensates and Fibrils in Biophysics 

Chair: Antônio José da Costa Filho 

Probing the distinct conformational dynamics of the flanking polyQ regions in huntingtin exon 1 at the membrane surface: insights into Huntington’s disease

Ana Mello Universiade de Lisboa

The functional roles of Liquid-Liquid Phase Separation inside the Golgi-matrix family of proteins

Luis Felipe Mendes Universidade de São Paulo

Copper Drives Prion Protein Phase Separation and Modulates Aggregation

Mariana J. do Amaral Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro

Exploring the energy landscapes of amyloid-β aggregates

Vitor Barbanti Leite Universidade Estadual de São Paulo

Auditorium 1 - Biophysics in Physiological Sciences

Chair: Celso Caruso

Progression of Acute Kidney Injury to Chronic Kidney Disease. (An approach on focal segmental glomerulosclerosis)

Maria Oliveira Souza Universidade de São Paulo

Host immune response participates in malaria acute kidney injury: role of CD8+ T cell in renal tubulointerstitial injury

Douglas Esteves Teixeira Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro

Brain-lung crosstalk: Insights about pathophysiological mechanism and potential therapies

Pedro Leme Silva Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro

CRP3 absence impairs focal adhesion signaling and aortic smooth muscle cell contraction

Ayumi Miyakawa InCor/USP

16h - 18h

Auditorium 3 - Membranes 

Chair: Rosangela Itri


Membrane localization of Annexin A6 in matrix vesicles: shedding light on its role in physiology mineralization

Pietro Ciancaglini Universidade de São Paulo

Structure and function of SARS-CoV-2 membrane fusion peptides

Luís Basso Universidade Estadual do Norte Fluminense Darcy Ribeiro

Yeasts under ethanol stress regulate water structure at their membranes

Nathalia Wilke Un Cordoba

Optical response of voltage-sensitive dyes embedded in polarized lipid membranes: an insight from molecular dynamics simulations

Vanesa V. Galassi Un Cordoba

Auditorium 1 - Drug discovery for infectious disease

Chair: Profa. Cristina Nonato


Oh no! Not another cell wall target [Approaches to TB drug discovery]

Richard Gessner University of Cape Town

Structural biology applied to the study of interactions between the Spike protein and the human ACE2 receptor

Cristiane R. Guzzo Universidade de São Paulo

Discovery of Plasmodium falciparum inhibitors as lead candidates for Malaria

Rafael Guido Instituto de Física de São Carlos - USP

Artificial intelligence-driven hit identification for neglected tropical diseases

Carolina Horta Andrade Universidade Federal de Goiás


18h - 19h Auditorium 3 - General Assembly


19h - 21h Poster Area - Poster Session

Drug dicovery
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